H.i.f.i par Adrien Lefebvre
Adrien Lefebvre, H.i.f.i, 2020, haut-parleur et bois. Crédit photo: ENE / Jean-Sébastien Veilleux photographe.

Documentation center

Est-Nord-Est’s documentation centre – both physical and digital – is a rich artistic resource that highlights the stays of its residents by conserving traces of their production (residents are invited to donate one or more publications to mark their presence). The centre also offers a collection of books on contemporary art practices and theories in Canada and abroad. This research space contains a record of ENE’s activities and keeps track of the latest advances in contemporary art through subscriptions to a variety of periodicals. It is possible to consult the list of documents available, discover texts attesting to the experimentation in residency, and explore the archives of current events and newsletters through the online database.




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Les cahiers de la Galerie B-312

Paul Lowry, Jean Dumont, Monique Régimbald-Zeiber, Josée Pellerin, François Daigle, Éric Ladouceur, Alice Cerdan, Georges Meurant, Constanza Camelo, Daniel Paquet, Jean-Émile Verdier

Ledig House Writer’s Colony International Artists’ Residency

Marianne Ahnre, Fakrul Alam, Alexander Ananichev, Kathleen Lynch Baum, Erdmute Beha, Inguna Bekere, Lilly Wei, Adria Bernardi, Michel Bregant, Marie Lili Cerat, Ausra Cizikiene, Patri Collins, Lydia el Cortes, Karen Duve, Patricia Everrett, Celsa Gutfreind, Faridun Hodizoda, Rasul Hodizoda, Jeffrey Jusopov, Cristoph Keller, Patty Kim, David Knowles, Vaclav Kodron, Jan Heller, Betty Milan, Xavier Moret, Thomas Palumbo, Alan Posener, Svetlana Suslova, Lyoma Dishy Usmanov, Michael Veigh, Alissa Walser, Helmut Winter, Irit Ziffer, Renée Zucker, Lola Zvonareva

Les cahiers de la Galerie B-312

Patrice Duhamel, Jean-Émile Verdier, François Charron, Valérie Rousseau, Annie Poulin, Jean-Émile Verdier, Cynthia Girard, François Cormier, Pierre Robert

ICC Media Arts Exchange Program

Clark @ Glassbox : Citizen Clark // Glassbox@Clark : Double vie

Nathalie De Blois


Kathryn Walker, Patrice Loubier, Jennifer Gordon, Marie-Lucie Crépeau, Jean Tourangeau, Jean-Pierre Gilbert, Gaëtan Gosselin, Jean-Pierre Latour, Josée Corriveau, Françoise Charron, John K. Grande, Claude-Edgar Dalphond
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