Vue de l'atelier de Marilyne Fournier en résidence
Marilyne Fournier, Degré zéro , 2015, papiers kraft , peinture acrylique, rubans adhésifs. Photo: ENE/Jean-Sébastien Veilleux photographe

Documentation center

Est-Nord-Est’s documentation centre – both physical and digital – is a rich artistic resource that highlights the stays of its residents by conserving traces of their production (residents are invited to donate one or more publications to mark their presence). The centre also offers a collection of books on contemporary art practices and theories in Canada and abroad. This research space contains a record of ENE’s activities and keeps track of the latest advances in contemporary art through subscriptions to a variety of periodicals. It is possible to consult the list of documents available, discover texts attesting to the experimentation in residency, and explore the archives of current events and newsletters through the online database.