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Residencies for Artists / Call for Applications 2018

2018 Residency program / Est-Nord-Est, résidence d’artistes

Residencies for Artists



Est-Nord-Est (ENE) is an artist-run centre the mandate of which is to provide an international community of artists and authors in contemporary art with support by offering space and time for research and experimentation, as well as privileged access to local resources and knowhow.

The centre is situated in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, a village on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, in a unique geographic and historical locale. The predominant aspects of the landscapes are farms, forests, and the river. Saint-Jean-Port-Joli is situated 115 km from Quebec City and 350 km from Montreal.

Originally based on the idea of encounters between sculptors with contemporary practices and those using regional traditional skills, ENE now welcomes contemporary visual-arts artists from all disciplines. The residencies at ENE are intended for professional artists, both established and emerging, from all over the world. They offer artists and authors an opportunity to explore their research more deeply, to experiment, and to create in a cultural space that is unique, lively, and stimulating. ENE is a member of Res Artis and of the Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec.

The residency periods offered in spring, summer, and fall usually bring together four artists and one author in contemporary art. However, in 2018 ENE is undertaking its major capital investment program, as part of which its premises will be completely reconstructed. ENE is therefore, exceptionally, using a temporary site that will give residents access to a shared studio attached to their living quarters. As a consequence, only two artists and one author will be selected for each eight-week residency period.

For ENE, 2018 is a pivotal year, as the centre’s premises will be completely torn down and reconstructed on the current site. To underline this year of change, while remaining open to artists of all types, the 2018 program particularly encourages artists in whose practices memory, archive, transmission and oblivion are issues; those who address notions of geography, travel, the environment, and ecology; those whose work is based on ideas about architecture, renewal, and transformation; and those whose approach involves studying the local environment or intervention on the land.


The eight-week residency includes:

  • Residency honorarium of $1,240
  • Lodging in a house shared by the residents
  • Access to a shared studio located in the house
  • Access to local resources
  • Technical and logistical support
  • Use of a bicycle

Residency periods

Spring: June 4 to July 27, 2018 / Summer: August 6 to September 28, 2018 / Fall: October 9 to December 1, 2018

** Due to execution of the capital investment project Est-Nord-Est: Tous azimuts!, please note that the 2018 residencies will take place at a temporary site situated in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli ** 

Submit an application / Deadline February 1, 2018

Your application must include:

  • The completed registration form
  • A curriculum vitae (maximum two pages, PDF format)
  • An artist’s statement (maximum one page, PDF format)
  • A letter of intent presenting your research/experimentation/production project, including any specific needs in terms of technical resources, if applicable (maximum one page, PDF format)
  • A portfolio of 10 to 15 images (JPG format) accompanied by a description list of the images
  • For videos, provide a link (Vimeo, YouTube), accompanied by the password, if applicable Make sure that the videos will be accessible until June 1, 2018

You must name your file as follows: 2018_last name_first name

A jury of peers evaluates the applications. For each residency, ENE selects artists whose practices are complementary in nature or in dialogue with each other and comply with its mandate.

ENE offers artists:

  • Space and time for research and experimentation
  • Privileged access to local resources and diverse areas of knowhow
  • An international art community

Artists are selected according to the following criteria:

  • The artistic quality of the proposal
  • The potential impact of the residency on the artist’s career
  • A constructive mix of art practices
  • A mix of genders and generations
  • Representation by artists from Quebec, Canada, and around the world

All incomplete applications will be automatically rejected.

You will not receive an acknowledgment of receipt by email. When you submit your application by clicking on “Send,” a message at the bottom of the screen will indicate that we have received your submission.

For any questions, contact the ENE team: info@estnordest.org

Application form